Looking for a Good Roof Repair Company? Start Online

Posted by admin | Roofing | Posted on June 10th, 2013


As much as 90 percent of roof leakages and problems are caused by faulty installation or materials. This could be anything from the improper installation or nailing of the shingles to poorly done siding, venting, or flashing to inferior roofing supplies. Taking the time to properly select roofing materials, install them, and maintain and repair them is crucial. It can mean the difference between having a leaky roof that needs to be replaced in a few years or a solid, stable roof that lasts for decades. A reliable roof repair company in Dallas is an invaluable ally – but how do you find one?

Starting online allows you to do a lot of your homework before you lay eyes on a roofer or contractor. The list of roof repair companies is long, and overwhelming. You can begin to narrow this down to reputable, effective companies using online tools such as:

• Angie’s List.
• Better Business Bureau.
• National Roofing Contractors Association. (Though if you do not find a particular company on this list, do not be alarmed; many reputable companies are not members).
• Social media sites. Ask friends, family, neighbors, and associates if they have had work done on their roofs. Who did they use? Did they have a positive experience? Most importantly, how is their roof holding up!

Select a short list of possibilities of roofers in Arlington, TX, and go offline. Make sure the contractors actually go on the roof to look and don’t just inspect interior damage. They should be the experts on this, so if they take your word that the damage is being caused by faulty siding or a bad seal around the chimney without looking, bounce them off the list.

You will probably be able to narrow your list further – but don’t narrow based solely on price. You want to look at quality and value of their work. Next up:

• Ask for copies of the roofing companies’ or contractors’ licenses and insurance. Do not skip this step; if, for instance, a roofer does not have insurance and destroys your roof, guess who ends up with that bill? Ask for these documents – and check them with the BBB, looking also for any complaints or actions against them.
• Make sure the insurance is adequate. Do not confuse health/vehicle coverage for a business insurance policy. Look for a Certificate of Insurance for Comprehensive Liability, Worker’s Compensation, and Completed Operations Insurance.
• Ask for a list of references, and call them.
• Google them. Look for angry customers and complaints, and, of course, positive (real) reviews.
• Request a written estimate, as well as explanations for price variations.
• Do not agree to pay for the entire job up-front. Expect to pay a deposit (one-third is standard), and do not pay in cash. After the work is completed to your satisfaction, pay the remainder.
• Ask about the materials and supplies they use, and make sure to get copies of the manufacturer information and receipts. Shoddy supplies can ruin your roof and structure.
• Find the contractors, don’t let them find you. Often, scammers will approach homeowners with stories of hail damage or other disasters. Beware of roofers who solicit you or go door-to-door.

A reliable, skilled roof repair company will help you get the maximum life out of your roof and ensure that you get your money’s worth. Take your time before deciding; it is well worth deliberating and choosing carefully.

Hundred House roof lines (http://www.flickr.com/photos/grotonschool/6068955781/) / CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)